Manufacture and Install

Manufacture & Install

The manufacture of your bespoke cabinetry takes place in our workshop in Crowborough. We undertake our works utilising traditional methods and modern day machinery to ensure a high quality product that is not only fit for purpose to stand the test of time but will look amazing too. The majority of our cabinetry is still manufactured and assembled by hand and this is what enables us to offer the level of bespoke service we do. Our team of 4 skilled cabinet makers manufacture everything. We do not out source anything. We simply purchase material and hardware and can welcome you to the workshop to show you every step of the process to give you confidence in our product. Whether its us showing you our solid dovetailed drawers being dovetailed in our dovetailer or our 25mm thick maple doors being machined and assembled you can be sure to come away knowing you have found the right company for the job!

  • Hand made using traditional methods with modern machinery.
  • No outsourcing or mass producing - each item bespoke for you.
  • All made in our Crowborough workshop.
  • Fitted by our employed - in house fitting team.
  • Every detail discussed and confirmed with you - no assumptions.
  • Seemless communication from start to finish.
  • Quick and efficient ensuring minimal disruption.
  • Integrate seamlessly into projects and schedules. 

Manufacture And Install Explained:

The install of the product is the most important part of the job. You can have the world’s best salesperson, the world’s best showroom and the world’s best product leaving us but if its not fitted with the care and attention it deserves then all of this is pointless! We only fit using our employed fitters. We DO NOT subcontract our fitting work to third parties. This means you have the care and devotion of our employed fitters there onsite until the very end of the project and every last detail Is covered. We will run through with you all the small decisions that make the kitchen/cabinetry yours – handle locations, shelving options, socket locations tap positions and all the small things that make a difference.

To ensure the fitter is briefed correctly prior to install our workshop manager personally delivers the kitchen and instructs the fitter of all the small details that had been discussed through measure up and manufacture. This ensures that the chain of communication from you asking us to do something to it physically being undertaken is never broken. We pride ourselves for listening and delivering exactly what you ask for down to the last detail!

Worktop template is undertaken once the cabinetry is installed. Our approved worksurface suppliers will template the cabinetry and ensure all your requirements such as upstands, edge profiles and rounded corners are all how you want them. They will return to their workshop and fabricate the worktops. Usually within 5 – 10 working days the worktops are returned and installed. (timings can differ dependant on workload and time of year).

Once the cabinetry is installed and the worktops templated our team of professional cabinet painters come and apply the finishing coats of paint. Hand painting buys us the ability to ensure all our cabinetry is scribed to walls and painted in for a seamless look. It also allows us to offer a lot more bespoke finish to the cabinetry meaning less need for cabinet fillers and unsightly gaps etc. The painting of the average kitchen takes  average 5 days. This is usually during the turnaround time that the worksurfaces are being fabricated meaning that when the worktops are returned and installed we can hand the kitchen over to you.

You will surely be asking what about plumbing, electrics and services. Please see our full package option where we explain all the services we offer above and beyond cabinetry manufacture and install.

Manufacture and Install
Manufacture and Install
Manufacture and Install